Financial Insights

for Omnichannel Brands

Seamlessly integrate all financial data to get a real-time, visual view of your business across Shopify, Amazon and other platforms.

Trusted by the world’s most innovative ecommerce businesses – big and small
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Real-time Cash Visibility

Don't wait until the end of the month to see your data. Get active data into the timing and future state of your financial metrics

Multi-Platform Supported

Track your finances across different eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy

Cash Monitoring

Monitor cash risks while our machine learning algorithms create forecasts of your sales, expenses, and cash flow

Cash Optimization

Complete peace of mind. Get insights on extending working capital and keeping cash in your business

Real-time Insights for your business

Simplify your finances with one easy tool to manage your omnichannel business.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what our customers have to say

Lauren Wang
"As a marketing expert with little technical financial knowledge, handling my finances was always a daunting task. However, Brightflow AI has made a previously slow, cumbersome, and expensive process, quick and easy to understand with its user-friendly financial tools."
Lauren Wang
Sam Mathias
"“I sleep better at night now that I can see my cash burn rate daily with the help of Brightflow AI. I never have to worry about my business running out of cash again. Before Brightflow, our finances consisted of 15 different spreadsheets, now all easily accessible in a dashboard."
Sam Mathias
Sarah Burrows
"The best thing about Brightflow AI is that it’s simple, easy and helps me understand complicated financial solutions in one single dashboard. Gone are the days of mindlessly changing numbers in excel to find our company's cash flow now Brightflow AI just sends us the data!"
Sarah Burrows

Frequently Asked Questions

Brightflow AI helps you monitor your eCommerce finance in real-time. Reach out to us if you have more queries!

Brightflow AI’s software gives you all the information that you would need at a fraction of the cost of a consultant. The tool will be in your hands at all times – no need to schedule hourly appointments. Real-time aggregation of information from various different sources, including Shopify, Amazon, and Quickbooks, give you instantaneous insights into how your business is performing. ​

We can tell you pretty much everything you need to know about how to handle your money to optimize growth. Some of these include: What can I do to improve my cash flow? How much inventory should I buy? How should I forecast revenue or cash inflows? What else could/should I be doing to grow my business? Do I have enough cash to hire people or sign a contract?

We use military-grade encryption to protect all of your data. None of your information will be distributed to the public, now or ever. ​All financial documents will remain absolutely confidential.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: support@brightflow.ai