Real-time cash forecast for your business

Get a simple, comprehensive, and automated platform to demystify finance. You're 2 steps and 5 minutes away from e-commerce business sanity with your cashflow forecast.

Why you should use Brightflow AI for your business:

Every business needs finance software they can trust. Brightflow AI provides flexible tools for modeling all aspects of your business including cash flow, cash monitoring, ROAs, and cash optimization

Real-time Cash Visibility

Don't wait until the end of the month to see your data. Get active data into the timing and future state of your financial metrics

Cash Monitoring

Monitor cash risks while our machine learning algorithms create forecasts of your sales, expenses, and cash flow

Cash Optimization

Complete peace of mind. Get insights on extending working capital and keeping cash in your business

Get cash forecast in 3 steps

Step 1: Add your sources of cash

Integrate with Shopify, Amazon or just add a manual entry to forecast your sources of cash

Step 2: Add expected costs

Integrate with your marketing platforms or Quickbooks to forecast your costs

Step 3: Look at your cash forecast

You now have access to your cash forecast in real-time, get in-depth detail on your ROAs

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