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Brightflow AI is your AI-powered platform for growth capital access and modern-day cash management

Manage your cash position
Quickly and easily track your multi-channel financial data, and use it to make better, more profitable decisions. Dive deeper into daily, weekly, and monthly insights, and monitor your cash inflows and outflows right from the platform.
Monitor your business health

Request your Brightflow AI Business Credit Score and receive details about your overall business health. This score details how fast your business is growing, how strong your balance sheet is, and how sustainable and profitable your business is in the eyes of lenders.

Get access to more cash

Access growth capital, investment advising, partnership connections, and custom solutions to help you grow, expand, or secure funding for your business. Receive recommendations for building or improving your creditworthiness to position your business for future opportunities.

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How it works

Get your business credit score

Take the first step toward accessing growth capital. Understand your creditworthiness and begin your risk assessment to access the best options for your business.
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How it works

Review your growth capital options

Receive customized growth capital options and expert guidance on choosing the right fit for your business.
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