Modernize and simplify your business finances

Innovative brands who sell online trust Brightflow AI to help them unlock more capital, make better data-backed decisions, and take control of their cash flow.

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Cash flow forecasting

Accurately predict cash inflows and better manage outflows.

Unlock growth capital

Both within your own business and with new financing.

Financial intelligence

Track your brand’s revenue, ROAS, LTV, and profitability.


Plan smarter. Grow faster.

With real-time data from all your channels in one seamless platform, Brightflow AI simplifies your business from forecasting to financing. 


Easily integrate all the tools you use each day

Brightflow AI is proud to offer out-of-the-box integrations with the tools you use to start, run, and grow your business. New integrations are added regularly and customizations are available.

What customers say about us

We’re impressed by how innovative and leading edge your product is. Your level of expertise is way beyond other products we’ve tried.


Grab Green

The Weekly Summary email report is helpful. It’s one less thing I have to login to, to get the information I need.


Plant Provisions

I have so many different platforms and I have to make so many decisions. It’s nice to just have all my answers and solutions in one place.


Loud Lacquer

As a marketing expert with little technical financial knowledge, handling my finances was always a daunting task. However, Brightflow AI has made a previously slow, cumbersome, and expensive process quick and easy to understand with its user-friendly financial tools.


The Flex Company

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