About us


Our Team

The Brightflow AI mission is to empower businesses with financial insights that support effective cash management and equitable access to capital. Our employees are humble craftspeople who all care deeply about helping small businesses succeed.


Brightflow AI values

Our employees created our company values, and these values inform the way we work together. In our remote-first workplace, we prioritize transparency and humility, and we end each week with gratitude. 

Lead with transparency

We start with reality and move forward with optimism.

Cultivate joy

We celebrate, seek out and name joy.

Progress over perfection

We take small steps towards big goals.

Value every voice

We ensure a diverse set of voices are invited to the table in all aspects of our work.

Whole person

We show up for each other by allowing space for our personal, professional, and community lives.

By the Numbers

Rapidly enabling small business growth


Customer connections hosted on the platform


Transactions syncing every day

$ 0 M

In growth capital unlocked for customers


Meet the founders

Co-founders Robbie Bhathal and Jeffrey Priebe started Brightflow AI with the vision of simplifying finance for all. Growing up, Robbie watched his father struggle with his small business’ finances due to limited access to information. At a young age, Robbie began noticing that in our data-driven world, access to information and financial tools seems more readily available to those who already have plenty of resources. 

Jeffrey immediately resonated with this need, having worked with clients in similar situations in his previous business, and also having felt the same pain himself. So, they set out to build a tool that helps online and offline brands reduce the fear of not knowing what will happen, to plan for unforeseen financial events, and to ensure our users always have the information they need to build a thriving business.

Brightflow AI in the news

Brightflow AI named to the SMBTech 50 List

April 26, 2022: The Inaugural list—launched by GGV Capital in partnership with Crunchbase and voted on by 30 VC firms—recognizes the growth and potential of startups that serve small and medium-sized businesses.

Yahoo Finance, Mar. 8, 2024: Brightflow AI featured on list of Global Alternative Finance Market by Type

Product Hunt Daily Digest, Sept. 28, 2023: Brightflow AI featured in Yesterday’s Top Products