The Story of How We Happened

Journey to fully autonomous financial monitoring for your cash, your business, your lifeline.

Brightflow Mission

Brightflow.AI seamlessly integrates all financial data to provide a simple, comprehensive, and automated platform to demystify finance. Our goal is to empower business owners and all stakeholders, irregardless of wealth, education and size, to make their finances understandable and actionable.

We strive to support and educate our customers in achieving financial success through uncompromising integrity, trust, and personalized service.​

Self driving finance, Backed by world class venture capitalists

Our product integrates with many platforms to get a full financial picture of thousands of businesses and automate anything a financial analyst or CFO would do.

Democratizing finance for the everyday owner

Predictive and active financial monitoring software

Finance and engineering experts team

Funded by the best VC's and prominent angels

Meet the Team

We are a bunch of engineers and finance folks who have built companies in past seeking to democratize finance by building AI-driven finance tools.

..And, working for a company that has got our backs, bettering a product that we know is brilliant, with a team that is almost family, life's fabulous here!

Commonly Asked Questions

Brightflow AI helps you monitor your cash flow in real time. Reach out to us at support@brightflow.ai if you have more queries!