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Balance Sheet Template

How to create a balance sheet in excel

A balance sheet is commonly called a “snapshot of a company’s financial condition”. It is a statement of the company regarding its financial position or its net worth or in simpler words a statement regarding the company’s spending and earning. There are three important financial statements in a company namely income statement, cash flow statement, […]

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Risk and Reward in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the method or acts for the starting of a business firm that is more likely to be a startup company that offers products of creativity and service processes. It is basically like a method of creativity. An entrepreneur discerns everything as his opportunity and shows bias in taking his options to make full […]

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What is the Business Planning Cycle

Planning is the most influential part of a business. Every business organization must plan their activities on a long term or short-term basis for the proper development of their organization. Lack of planning may create some loss in financial, mechanical, or in human resources management divisions. A developed company has a wing that deals with […]

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The 10 Best QuickBooks Online Apps

The business is an act where we have to perform according to the current market and financial conditions of the organization. A successful businessman is a person who can maintain a perfect relation between the income and expenditure of his company. In the present situation, there are many applications which act as a catalyst to […]

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