How To Use XERO in 10 Easy Steps

Are you planning to take your business to the next level? XERO, online accounting software is the answer to your question. This particular platform will help you to create a base for your business.

XERO for your business

XERO can automatically import your Bank, credit cards, and PayPal transactions, so manual data entry can be reduced. The fully customizable layout helps you to create professional invoices.

The cash flow can be monitored and controlled remains in your control, as you can plan and schedule your payments ahead of time.

The main advantage is that we can access XERO from anywhere or any device. All you need is an internet connection on your PC, tablet, or laptop. It is accessible even in your smartphones.

By using all your real-time business data you can easily create budgets and reports, and just like that, it reduces your effort in preparing your GST.

Uses of  XERO in your business 

XERO is cloud-based online accounting software. We can handle XERO software easily because it is user friendly. Here are some important features of XERO which help the organization in the field of accounting.


With so much going on in your business, we are eager to look at your performance at a glance. XERO dashboard provides you with the right information at the right time. The dashboard helps you to keep an eye on the key business performance indicators. It keeps pieces of information regarding the flowing things.

  • It looks at your monthly transaction which keeps you in steady cash flow.
  • Displays the revenue of the expense account which helps you to keep a mark.
  • Check your activities and keep a cover of the amount you have to receive and what you owe to your suppliers.

The XERO dashboard can be edited according to your choice.

Setting up organization details

Information regarding a company needs to be displayed on any invoice you issue. You can add the details regarding your company like registration number, registered office address in the dashboard. For this, you need to go to the settings menu in the dashboard and select the organization settings there you have to enter all your company details like display number, company email id, registration number, etc.

Setting up financial settings

You have to make sure you have the right year-end reports while dealing with government organizations. For adding these data you have to go to settings then to advanced settings then go to financial settings for us to enter the details. This data helps you in setting up sales tax/ VAT details (VAT number and VAT period).


Branding can be done easily with the help of XERO by simply applying a Logo. The organization can nail down your payment terms shorter for us to improve the cash flow. To set up branding you need to go to the settings in the dashboard and select the invoice in the settings then upload the details asked.

Chart of accounts

Even if you are using another accounting software, it is easy for you to step into XERO. All your charts can be imported into XERO and it is even possible to modify it. If you are taking care of your account yourself you can use this default chart of accounts for planning and preparing budgets for the upcoming financial year.

Bank account feed

If your bank account feeds including credit cards and PayPal account then it is easy for you to make financial transactions. The direct Bank feed allows XERO to import both the data from the records provided. The bank and XERO work together and send your statement via secure connections directly to the organization. This method will reflect the exact details regarding account transactions. 


Reconciliation is earlier than ever in XERO. As XERO is directly connected to the bank, the transaction is made automatically. So it helps you to check the last time you have made a transaction because XERO stores the reconciliation possible weekly or daily. 

Payment service 

The next step is to provide the payment service by using XERO. There is a very large variety of payment options available in XERO like PayPal. By using XERO you can set up a pay now button on your invoice, which helps in easy payment directly to our bank accounts.

Payment reminders

Getting payment on time is very important in any business organization. Setting up a payment reminder will help you in getting paid on time and quickly. You can go to the Rolling menu and select the invoice reminder where you can set the payment reminder. This helps you not to chase any customers that have already paid. Reconciliation is done daily, so you can have a check on this at any time.

Adding users in Xero

You can add users by using the user menu in the settings. On adding a user their email address becomes their login ID, and you have to give the user a role that is right for the user. After adding the details he can have access to the whole XERO account, this helps in managing the day-to-day accounts and the payroll. The user can also download the XERO mobile app which makes the axis easier.

Basic reports information 

you always have to keep a look at your balance sheet profit and loss. It is really necessary to know how your XERO report works. you can go to the accounting section in the dashboard and select reports to see the available options.

Connecting apps in Xero

For saving your time it is better to connect a wide range of apps and add-ons. From cash flow forecasting to document management XERO offers an array of functionalities. A wide range of options is available in this app for the marketplace.

Advantages of XERO 

  • Less time is required to report a number of clients by using zero. 
  • Manual data entry is not anymore used and the transaction is made without data entry
  • XERO always have the information whenever you need it in real-time
  • Manually backing up data is a tiresome process. XERO help you in backing up data which you delay shortly

If you are a user who wants to take your cash flow forecasting to the next level, XERO is the best choice. It is the best app that helps in creating accurate and official reports for you. It clearly shows that the days of manual data entry are way behind XERO.

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