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Automated vs. Manual Data Entry

All you need to know when choosing the perfect data entry solution. In this age, where information is power, it is necessary to have all the information one can. Businesses today store tons of information or data, be it shipping receipts, tax invoices, personnel information, or inventories. Some of these data may be linked to […]

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How To Use XERO in 10 Easy Steps

Are you planning to take your business to the next level? XERO, online accounting software is the answer to your question. This particular platform will help you to create a base for your business. XERO for your business XERO can automatically import your Bank, credit cards, and PayPal transactions, so manual data entry can be […]

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The Best 5 Apps for your Shopify Store

Google Shopping Feed & Actions – Marketing Google Shopping Feed & Actions allows you to showcase all your Shopify products across multiple surfaces like Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Assistant. It also uses Google Content API that lets you update your product information within 15 minutes! This app features Profiling, Easy Product Listing, Order […]

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How to Forecast Cash Flow

Everyone wants the ability to see into the future, but unfortunately we can’t all look at a crystal ball and see our futures. However, a cash flow forecast will grant you the ability to look into your business’s future. A cash flow forecast allows you to track your cash inflows and outflows, see how fast […]

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