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Brightflow AI for lenders and loan investors

Brightflow AI is the partner lenders trust. Brightflow AI is the AI-powered platform providing lenders and loan investors with originations, risk management and loan servicing utilizing real-time client financial data. Lenders receive originations, risk management and loan servicing from Brightflow AI. Brightflow AI leverages its platform to onboard prospects and its data integrations to assess qualified leads. Brightflow AI also provides long-term risk management and loan servicing where desired.

Brightflow AI helps lenders in three ways:

Intelligent referrals

Brightflow AI conducts risk assessments by analyzing customers’ live banking data (via Plaid), accounting information (QuickBooks, Xero, Netsuite), marketing data (Ad accounts), and revenue streams (Shopify, Amazon).

Loan servicing

With decades of combined experience and a track record of effectively monitoring multiple portfolios, Brightflow AI financial experts offer loan management and servicing in addition to referrals.

Lending client data monitoring

Real-time data allows lenders to monitor their clients’ finances, receive alerts to client activities, and to analyze the full picture of their clients’ cash inflows and outflows. Client data monitoring is offered with or without referrals and/or loan servicing/management. 


Brightflow AI is different from other referring companies

While other referring companies rely primarily on financial statements, which may be several months old when submitted, Brightflow AI has comprehensive, real-time financial data flowing into its proprietary platform from customers’ banking, accounting, marketing, and revenue integrations. This data flow makes Brightflow AI uniquely qualified to provide intelligent referrals to lenders. 


Brightflow AI data helps ease underwriting pain

Brightflow AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform initial risk assessments to find the best-qualified loan candidates to match with the right lender for their needs. With Brightflow AI, underwriting no longer relies solely on outdated financial statements. Real-time data is accessed in minutes for prompt decisions on initial underwriting as well as ongoing risk management. With Brightflow AI, lenders can leave blind introductions, slow underwriting, and manual processing in the past. 

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