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Brightflow AI is your modern financial services partner.

Manage your cash position
Quickly and easily track your multi-channel financial data, and use it to make better, more profitable decisions. Dive deeper into daily, weekly, and monthly insights, and even monitor your business credit score right from the platform.
Forecast your cash flow
Accurately predict revenue, demand, and cash flow, and export forecasts for your leaders and investors. Save hours typically spent on manual work each week, and work smarter with a team of data scientists and financial experts supporting you.
Get access to more cash

Access growth capital, investment advising, partnership connections, and custom solutions to help you grow, expand, or secure funding for your business. Receive recommendations for building or improving your creditworthiness to position your business for future opportunities.

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How it works

Instant visibility

Instantly integrate sales, advertising, and bank account connections to see your complete financial data picture in real time. 

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How it works

Customized financials

Save hours of manual effort with data aggregation, sales performance info, and custom reports across all your channels.

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How it works

Dive in with financial experts

Ask questions, model scenarios, and get recommendations from the Brightflow AI financial advisory team to help you scale your business.

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