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ROAS calculator instructions

Steps to calculate Return on ads spend with an ROAS calculator:

  1. Sort revenue derived from different Ads sources
  2. Calculate the cost of Ads across different platforms
  3. Calculate return on your investment

What is ROAS and how to calculate it online:

ROAS stands for return on ad spend.

The metric is extremely important to companies who use paid ads as for marketing since it can help them understand how much return they generate in comparison to how much they spend on ads.

You can calculate ROAS manually with the ROAS formula mentioned below, or you can use a free ROAS calculator like the one we provide!

ROAS = (money gained from ads/money spent on ads) x 100%

How to calculate break-even ROAS?
To break even on your ad spend, your ROAS has to be 100%. Therefore, if you want to calculate breakeven revenue for your ROAS, multiply your cost of advertising by 100%.

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