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Have a question about Brightflow AI? Please review these popular topics and reach out to su*****@br********.ai if your issue persists. 

Brightflow AI is an eCommerce financial intelligence platform that collects, normalizes, and surfaces data into actionable insights. Backed by a full-service team of leading data scientists and engineers, Brightflow AI provides Amazon sellers, Shopify store owners, and eCommerce agencies with an easy-to-read dashboard and instant access to their cash flow, revenue, advertising, and profitability information.

Brightflow AI seamlessly integrates your omnichannel financial data to provide a simple, comprehensive, and automated platform to help you make quicker, more profitable decisions for your business. In just a few clicks, Brightflow AI integrates with Amazon, Shopify, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, QuickBooks, and more.

Brightflow AI helps businesses access their financial data quickly and easily. This allows you to: 

  1. Save time, money, and effort: The ease and speed of accessing data reduces the number of hours and dollars spent on external analysts and accountants. Eliminate manual reporting, receive expert insights, and create full reports in an instant, across Amazon, Shopify and other channels. 
  2. Understand the market: Receive regular market analyses and trend reports for your industry, allowing you to benchmark yourself against industry averages and better understand how you compare to your peers.
  3. Make better business decisions: Brightflow AI provides users with a deeper understanding of growth and momentum, without waiting for the books to close. Monthly and daily data views allow users to know when and how to modify inventory, optimize sales channels, and adjust advertising.
  4. Avoid bad debt and insolvency: Accurate cash flow forecasting helps businesses minimize gaps between cash inflows and outflows, and expert recommendations provide guidance for inventory planning and cash optimization. 

If you are a Shopify store owner, we recommend you download the app from the Shopify app store here:

If you do not use Shopify, we recommend signing up for the app directly here:

You can see a list of included features on the Brightflow AI pricing page.

Yes, Brightflow AI has many connections and integrations available, in addition to Shopify and Amazon.

If you do not use Shopify, we recommend signing up for the app directly here:

The financial experts at Brightflow AI will help you set up your sources of revenue, connect ad platforms and anticipate expenses. After integration is complete, you will start to see key insights like ROAS, LTV, and revenue populate in the dashboard. 

If you have at least 12 months of historical financial data, the Brightflow AI experts will set up your cash flow forecast. From this point on:

  • All your financial data is visible in one place
  • Profitability is instantly trackable by any time span
  • Cash is constantly monitored and visible in real time
  • Sales and marketing reports are automated (not manual) and easy to download 
  • You have instant access to timely and accurate data for decision making
  • Your finances are confidently handled without too much time and effort from you
  • You have a dashboard where you can clearly see how your business is growing over time

When Brightflow AI accesses your financial data, we:

  • Use industry-standard best practices for securely fetching (like a bank would) and storing your data.
  • Rely on industry-leading cloud data storage providers, ensuring the infrastructure and security is up to date.

We don’t store your login information to services. Instead, we use best practice “OAuth”–the open standard–to enable a secure connection to your data and provide you with full control over how long Brightflow AI retains access to your data.

Revenue tracking is the report that shows revenue, units sold, orders, and average order value (AOV) in the Brightflow AI dashboard. Monthly and daily views are available for the revenue tracking feature. 

LTV, or customer lifetime value, is the total amount of money an average customer will spend with your store or business over time.

At Brightflow AI, we calculate LTV by grouping customers into “cohorts” based on when they placed their first order with your store or business. Then we track how those cohorts spend cumulatively over time compared to other cohorts. We also look at historical spend to project how customers may spend up to 12 months in the future.

A “cohort” is a group of customers whose behavior we track over time. 

At Brightflow AI, we define a cohort as the group of customers who made their first purchase in the same month. For example, if 100 people made their first purchase in July 2021, then we group them as the “July 2021” cohort and see how they spend over time.

ROAS is an acronym for “return on ad spend.” 

At Brightflow AI, ROAS is the report we provide to you which shows return on marketing spend by sales channel. Using ROAS, you’ll learn how much revenue you generate from each ad platform–Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and more.

Return on ad spend (ROAS) = revenue / marketing spend 

An instant P&L–or profit and loss–is a report that allows business owners to estimate their profitability on a current month-to-date basis. This view is unique from Gross Margin or ROAS. Gross Margin takes one element, “product costs,” into account. ROAS takes one element, “marketing or customer acquisition costs,” into account. But the instant P&L is all encompassing and includes other costs not accounted for in those other reports. Suggestions are made based on historical metrics from the customer’s accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

Variable expenses and fixed expenses are both included in an instant P&L, but you won’t find them in other reports. With variable expenses, there are other expenses besides direct marketing expenses that will vary directly with the level of sales. Fixed expenses tend not to vary with sales over the short and intermediate term.

If you have at least 12 months of historical financial data, Brightflow AI will provide you a cash flow forecast. The cash flow forecast comprises three main elements:

  • Revenue forecast. Revenue is projected by using a linear trend, adjusted for seasonality. 
  • Cost structure forecast. This is simply your profit & loss report (P&L) forecasted into the future.
  • Inventory outflows. Inventory purchases are such a significant cash flow item they should be calculated separately with precision.